General Education in the New Curriculum – Science Test 1

201. Which of the following explains the occurrence of day and night?)

A. The tilt of the Earth’s axis               

B. Earth’s rotation on its axis              

C. Earth’s revolution around the sun

D. The tilt of the sun’s axis

202.What will most likely occur if global warming will not be addressed?

A. Lower sea levels

B. Melting of ice caps

C. More pollution in water

D. More reflected sunlight off the ice pack

203. Which of the following is/are (a)natural factor that may disrupt the water cycle?

A. Water pollution

B. Drying of ground water

C. Mismanaged domestic and industrial use of water

D. Boat A and C

204. Which Law of Motion explains the movement of a boat by rowing?

A. Acceleration                                       

B. Inertia                                                  

C. Interaction

D. Universal Gravitation

205. Why do you tend to move forward when the car suddenly stops?

A Because of inertia                             

B. Because of acceleration                    

C. Because of interaction

D. Because of gravity

206. Which of the following is a non-renewable energy resource?

A. Coal                                                     

B. Hydroelectric                                     

C. Solar

D. Methane

207. Which of the following can help ensure a suitable environment for future generations?

A Biological controls                             

B. Chemical dumps                                 

C. Fossil fuels

D. Pesticides

208. What can happen to global temperatures for several years after a volcanic eruption?

A. Temperatures may increase

B. Temperatures may decrease

C. Temperatures can create more volcanoes

D. Temperatures are not affected by volcanic eruptions

209. Which power plant stores energy in water behind a dam falls and changes into mechanical energy that turns a turbine which turns coils in a generator that produces electrical energy?

A. Geothermal Power Plant-Earth        

B. Nuclear Power Plant 

C. Hydroelectric Power Plant

D. Solar Power Plant

210. Wood, crops, and manure are examples of _____.                        

A. natural gas                                           

B. biomass                                                

C. nuclear fission

D. coal

211. What is the effect of the tilting of the Earth’s axis?

A. Day and night                                     

B Seasonal Change                                

C. Weather disturbances

D. Changes of the phases of the moon

212. When does solar eclipse occur?

A. The Earth is behind the sun.

B. The sun is between the Earth and the moon.

C. The moon is between the Earth and the sun.

D. The Earth is between the moon and the sun.

213. Which of the following does NOT help in controlling floods?

A Deforestation                                       

B. Reforestation                                       

C. Crop rotation

D. Construction of flood ways

214. Which of the following contribute to the formation of acid rain?

I. Volcanic eruptions

II. Burning fossil fuels

III. Combustion in vehicles

IV. Oil refineries

A. I, II, and III                                   

B. II, III, and IV                               

C. I, III, and IV

D. I, II, III, and IV

215. Which of the following processes form clouds?

A. Condensation                                      

B. Evaporation                                         

C. Precipitation

D. Transpiration

216. Which of the following is a renewable energy resource?

A. Oil

B. Natural Gas                                         

C. Nuclear energy

D. Wind energy

217.What is the reason why we see lightning first then we hear the sound of thunder?

A. Light travels faster than sound.

B. Sound travels faster than light.

C. Our eyes are in front and our ear are in the back.

D. Our eyes are faster to perceive stimulus compared to cars.

218. Tropical disturbances are classified as tropical depressions, tropical storms, or typhoons. How are these tropical disturbances classified?

A. Amount of rainfall                             

B. Origin of formation                          

C. Damage that it might bring

D. Strength of accompanying winds

219. Which is considered as the major cause of the depletion of the ozone layer?

A. Chlorofluorocarbons                          

B. Deforestation                                       

C. Acid Rain

D. Smoke

220. Which of the following activities can reduce greenhouse gases?

I. Using of solar panels

II. Carpooling

III. Using non-renewable energy

IV. Using LED light bulbs

A. I, II, III                                            

B. I, II, IV                                            


D. I, II, III, and IV

221. Which crops must be planted more to counter the effects of El Niño in food production?

A. Rice crops                                             

B. Corn crops                                             

C. Leafy crops

D. Root crops

222. The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration(PAGASA) suggested that cloud seeding operations be conducted over the Angat watershed. What is the main purpose of cloud seeding?

A. Reduce water evaporation

B. Drive the clouds to the sea

C. Prevent clouds from forming

D. Increase the amount of predipitation

223. Which term is associated with careful use of resources?

A. Conservation                                         

B. Conversation                                         

C. Recycling

D. Composting

224. Which form of energy is presently causing the largest amount of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide?

A. Coal                                                        

B. Natural Gas                                           

C. Nuclear

D. Oil

225. What is the effect to the Earth’s waters as the moon revolves around the Earth?

A. Currents                                                 

B. Tides                                                       

C. Tsunami

D. Waves

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